Kids Washable Standard Bed Pad (Animal Print)

Kids Washable Standard Bed Pad (Animal Print)

Kids Washable Standard Bed Pad (Animal Print)

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Conni is the leading brand of reusable incontinence products in Australia.

Its absorbent bed pads are the most recommended and used products for incontinence in the Australian healthcare system. Conni products offer superior technology and discreet comfort. Helping people of all ages and circumstances reclaim their confidence. Its range is fully washable, making them environmentally sustainable, cost effective and easy to use(so much so, that Conni is the number one brand of reusable incontinence products in Australia, where it first launched). Many healthcare professionals around the world use our absorbent bed pads and mattress protectors.

Our market leading absorbent and waterproof kids bed pad is recommended by mums on Kidspot for bedwetting and toilet training

Conni reusable and washable incontinence products help make living with incontinence easier, they are cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

The original and market leading kids bed pad for toilet training and bedwetting and is recommended by mums on Kidspot and across Australia.

The Conni Kids Standard Bed Pad for bedwetting holds up to 2500mls of fluid over 8hrs.

The bed pad is suitable for any size bed and measures 85cm x 95cm (33" x 37"). It is also suitable for cots.

Excellent for toilet training and potty training and the best product for night time with 3 day potty training systems (3 day toilet training systems).

Soft polyester top; highly absorbent core and breathable PUL waterproof backing. 

We do not use PVC. Suits all bed sizes.


Size : 85m x 95m (33" x 37")

The original "1 minute bed change" (45 seconds).

Conni Comparisons (3.03 min). Source : Conni Japan.

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Kids Washable Standard Bed Pad (Animal Print)
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The technical experts at Conni have recognised that PVC should not be used as a waterproof barrier due to its toxicity. Please refer to FAQ for details.

Simply place on top of the bottom sheet coloured side up and lay directly on the bed pad. The child will feel more comfortable from the waist down just wearing underpants or light clothing. When heavy clothing is worn the child may feel wet.

If your child wets during the night; the bed pad will absorb the moisture and keep the bed dry. 

The Conni Kids bed pad is washable and reusable, it is easily removed from the bed and placed in the washing machine. The bed pad can be line dried or tumble dried then returned to the bed. Alternately use a second bed pad while one is laundered.

No more stressful complete bed changes and best of all, you are on your way to dry nights forever

Conni absorbent products are Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin.
Please note: Kids Print subject to change without notice.

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  • Certified PVC and Chemical free
  • Slim absorbent core holds up to 2500ml over 8 hours
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Eliminates complete bedding changes
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dryer safe
  • Suitable for all bed size
  • Highly absorbent slim core
  • Breathable PUL waterproof backing
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comes with durable polyester tuck-ins
  • Cost effective
  • Reusable
  • Environmental friendly

Bed Pad Test

How Conni works?

Conni Bed Pads are made up of a four layer system. All of these layers are laminated together to create an intimate bond which means no bubbling of the surface over time.

  1. Comfort Layer: made from brushed polyester, with special quilting this soft layer ensures optimal comfort and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers and other conditions. The surface layer is comfortable and gentle to the skin.
  2. Filter Layer: this layer is designed to allow fluid to be quickly absorbed.
  3. Absorbent Layer: this layer traps and stores the fluid. It is engineered to stop the fluid coming back to the surface so that the person lying on the pad remains dry and comfortable.
  4. Barrier Layer: made from Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), this layer is waterproof, air-permeable, and will protect your mattress from any accidents.

Why don’t you use cotton?

Cotton holds moisture at the surface which would not be suitable for absorbent products, and would be very uncomfortable for the individual.

Why don’t you have a Conni Bed Pad for every mattress size?

Conni Bed Pads are designed to be big enough to protect your bed and keep you/your child dry as well as being easy to launder. As much as sharing is caring, if two people share a bed it’s best they don’t share a Conni Bed Pad.

So what size Conni Bed Pad do I need for my mattress?

Our standard Conni Bed Pad is 95cm x 85cm, it has no tuck ins and is suitable for all bed sizes.

Our Conni Bed Pad with tuck-ins is 100cm x 100cm and is suitable for single or super single beds.

Do I need to put a sheet over my Conni Bed Pad?

No. Simply place the bed pad (quilted side up) on top of the bottom sheet just below the pillow in the position where you will sleep on the bed and lie directly on the bed pad.

How do i launder my Conni products?

Conni Bed Pads, Chair Pads, Undergarments and Liners can all be washed and tumble dried in temperatures up to 80°C. Simply place any product listed above into your washing machine with similar products and a good quality detergent. All of our products will also benefit from air/line drying in the sun if that option is available.

I've noticed discoloration on my Conni Bed Pad, can i use bleach?

Please do not use chlorine based bleach or fabric softeners on any of your Conni products. These chemicals will coat and fill the hi-tech fibres and make your Conni product lose function. We find oxygen based bleach (such as Napisan), or vinegar works great for freshening up the Conni range.

Are Conni products reusable?

All Conni products are reusable. This makes all of our products cost effective and environmentally friendly.

How long will my Conni product last?

There are many variables depending on usage so it is hard to say exactly how long your Conni product will last. In general, Conni Bed and Chair Pads should last up to 350 washes if washed in a domestic washing machine and ensuring the care instructions are followed. Undergarments typically last as long as a normal pair (6 months to a year), which is dependent on the wash and care of the garments.

Customer who bought from Qoo10 (Ang Mo Kio)

Delivery was prompt and material of e bed pad was good.

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