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Bedtime Buddy

Bedtime Buddy
Bedtime Buddy
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Bedtime Buddy is a traditional medicine scientifically formulated to strengthen a child’s bladder so as to reduce urinary frequency and hence promote a dry night sleep.

It contains a unique patented formulation, Urox, a natural medicine traditionally used for symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.  Two clinical researches on its use have shown significant improvements in bladder control for both men and women.

Bedtime Buddy is a natural alternative solution for a child’s bedwetting problem whose age is usually six years old and above.

Bedtime Buddy 是经过独特的科技研发和调制而成的传统草药,有助于辅助孩子的膀胱健康以减少夜尿和促进干爽的睡眠素质。

Bedtime Buddy含有Urox,一种拥有独特专利的天然传统草药配方,常用于护理膀胱过动症和尿失禁的症状。两项临床研究显示Urox为男性和女性减轻膀胱过度活跃症状的效果尤其显著。

Bedtime Buddy为年龄6岁或以上的孩童提供天然的替代法去解决尿床的问题。

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Child bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis refers to uncontrollable wetting while asleep in a healthy child after the age at which bladder control usually occurs. It does not only cause emotional disturbance to the child but the parents as well.

Many children whose age 6 and above should have achieved daytime dryness with potty training but may continue to struggle with bedwetting for years. Night-time bladder control is considered the last stage of potty training and this can take some children a little more time to master it.

Basically, for a child to gain a healthy bladder control, the bladder and nervous system requires time to co-ordinate.

Bedtime Buddy has been specifically formulated by Dr Tracey Seipel, a practicing Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist and Diabetes Educator, trained in biochemistry and physiology. Tracey has many years of experience in developing natural products including Urox, an award winning product in the USA. Tracey knows from her first hand clinical experience that many small problems, including children’s concerns, can impact greatly on confidence and quality of life and that natural solutions are often available.

Bedtime Buddy contains Urox, a patented herbal formula that serves to improve bladder muscle tone and control. Horsetail and lindera root aggregata are herbs traditionally recommended for bedwetting and to improve bladder control. With the addition of crateva nurvala bark, Urox supports healthy bladder function in both the Day and Night. Two clinical studies on Urox have shown significant improvement in bladder control.

Capsules can be swallowed whole, or twisted and pulled apart so that the powdered content can be added to either to food or beverages (cold or room-temperature).

Recommended Child Dosage (6 Years & Above):

20kg – 40kg  :  Take one capsule daily with meals

Over 40kg     :  Take two capsules daily with meals

Does not contain: Gluten, dairy, artificial colouring, flavouring, sweeteners or preservatives.

Please check with a doctor if your child is on medication. If symptoms persist, consult

your healthcare specialist. Keep this medicine out of reach of children.

Size: 30 capsules

Country of Origin: Australia






Bedtime Buddy 是由Dr Tracey Seipel, Tracey是执业自然疗师的物理学家、临床营养学家、草药师及糖尿病教育家。她接受过生物化学和生理学训练,对于天然产品开发有多年的经验,所研发的Urox 也曾经在美国获奖。拥有多年临床经验的她深知,小孩所面临的遗尿问题其实会对他们的自信心和生活素质造成巨大的影响。殊不知,这些小问题其实都有天然的应对方法!

Bedtime Buddy含有Urox,一种拥有专利的草药配方, 可以促进膀胱张力。木贼属植物和乌药的混合自古以来都被引用于改善尿遗的症状和改进膀胱控制的传统草药;再加上沙梨木茎皮,Urox更有助于维护膀胱全日的健康。在澳大利亚和美国通过的两项临床实验研也显示了Urox可以显著的改进膀胱的功能。



20公斤– 40公斤  : 每日餐后服用一颗,每日一次。

40公斤以上         : 每日餐后服用两颗,每日一次。



产品规格 : 30颗胶囊

产品原产地 :澳大利亚

  • Provides a natural remedy
  • Strengthens your child’s bladder
  • Reduces urinary frequency
  • Promotes a dry night’s sleep
  • Controls bedwetting
  • Scientifically formulated and contains patented Urox, a traditional medicine
  • Manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility
  • 100% Vegan and is suitable for vegetarian
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colouring
  • Gluten free


  • 提供天然的疗法
  • 强化您孩子膀胱的健康
  • 减少日间尿频
  • 促进夜晚睡眠品质
  • 帮助控制尿遗
  • 经科技研发和含有Urox,一种拥有独特专利的传统草药
  • 在优良药品生产规范(Good Manufacturing Practice,简称GMP)下进行产品生产
  • 素食者适用
  • 不含防腐剂
  • 不含人造色素
  • 不含麸质



Each Vegetarian Capsule Contains Urox


Lindera root



Supports healthy bladder tone and function


Crataeva nurvala bark



Supports bladder to fill up and empty properly





Works together with Crataeva to reduce urination frequency and urgency


1)   What is the minimum age to take Bedtime Buddy?

It is recommended for child who is 6 years old and above.

2)   Is it suitable for boys and girls?

 Yes, Bedtime Buddy is suitable for use on boys and girls.

3)   How long does a child need to be put on Bedtime Buddy?

The child needs to take Bedtime Buddy for at least one month. Once good results have been achieved, he or she can stay on this medication for another one month.

4)   Is the size of the capsule small enough for a child to swallow easily?

Yes, the size of the capsule can be swallowed by most children. However, if the child is uncomfortable in swallowing the capsule, he or she can twist and pull   the capsule apart and add the contents to foods or drinks (cold or room temperature).

5)   Will it interact with other medication?

 Please check with a doctor if your child is on medication.


1)   几岁的孩子适合服用Bedtime Buddy?

Bedtime Buddy适合六岁或以上的孩子服用。

2)   男孩或女孩都适合服用Bedtime Buddy?

是的,Bedtime Buddy是男女适用。

3)   孩子需要服用Bedtime Buddy多久?

孩子需要至少服用Bedtime Buddy一个月。当达到预期的效果后,可以再让孩子多服用一个月以维持效果。

4)   Bedtime Buddy的颗粒小吗?孩子吞食会有困难吗?

 Bedtime Buddy胶囊的大小是多数孩子可以吞食的。要是孩子觉得难以吞食,可以打开胶囊,将胶囊的草药混合物加入食物或饮料(冷饮或室温),一起食用。

5)   Bedtime Buddy 会对其他药物造成干扰吗?



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