Urox (60 capsules)

Urox (60 capsules)

Urox (60 capsules)
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UROX is a traditional medicine. Its unique patented formula works to strengthen and tone the bladder wall.

We all work hard to improve muscle tone on the outside… UROX helps to tone your inner of the bladder.


Urox 是一种传统草药。它拥有独特专利的草药配方,有助于加强膀胱壁。


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Urox (60 capsules)
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Invented by Dr. Tracey Seipel, Urox offers a natural solution towards taking control of your bladder. It is a unique, scientifically formulated blend of traditional herbs which promotes bladder tone and control. In simple words, it means the bladder will be able to fill up and empty properly.

Dr. Tracey is a practicing Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist and Diabetes Educator, trained in biochemistry and physiology. Dr. Tracey has many years of experience in developing natural products including Urox, an award winning product in the USA. Dr. Tracey knows from her first hand clinical experience that many small problems can be treated to prevent from worsening, especially with age, so that people can enjoy life well into one's 'prime'.

  • Reduce daytime urination frequency
  • Reduce urinary urgency
  • Reduce nocturia (night-time urination)
  • Decrease the need to rush for the toilet
  • Result in less embarrassing bladder accidents


Take one capsule twice daily with a meal. For a faster result, you may take two capsules twice daily for the first month.

Please check with your doctor if you are on medication. If symptoms persist or worsen suddenly, consult your healthcare specialist. Keep this medicine out of reach of children.

Not to be used during pregnancy and lactation unless otherwise directed by a qualified healthcare professional.

Size: 60 capsules

Country of Origin: Australia


Dr. Tracey Seipel所研发的Urox提供您天然疗法,让您控制您膀胱的健康。它是经过独特的科技研发和调制而成的传统草药混合物,有助于膀胱的收缩和膀胱儲存容量。简单来说,膀胱的收縮功能因而获得改善。

Dr. Tracey 是执业自然疗师、物理学家、临床营养学家、草药师及糖尿病教育家。她接受过生物化学和生理学训练,对于天然产品开发有多年的经验,所研发的Urox也曾经在美国获奖。拥有多年临床经验的她深知只要尿失禁患者咨询护理方法,防止情况恶化,要享有安逸舒适的黄金年华绝对不是梦想。

  • 减少日间尿频
  • 减少尿急的次数
  • 减少夜尿的次数
  • 减少急需上厕所的次数
  • 减少因膀胱脆弱而造成的尴尬事故





产品规格 : 60颗胶囊



  • Scientifically formulated since 1999 by Dr. Tracey Seipel, a long-time clinical nutritionist who is one of the world’s leading experts in natural urological healthcare
  • Two clinical studies in Australia and USA show that Urox helps to reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, nocturia and urinary urgency
  • Results can be shown within weeks of use; however, individual results may vary
  • Manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility
  • 100% Vegan and is suitable for vegetarian
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colouring
  • Gluten free
  • Well tolerated


  • 由Dr.Tracey Seipel,一名资深的临床营养学家和泌尿学首席专家在1999年以科技研发
  • 在澳大利亚和美国有两项临床实验结果显示Urox可以减少尿失禁,尿频,夜尿和尿急的症状
  • 使用后几周就会看见效果;但由于个人情况不同,因此效果会有所差异
  • 在优良药品生产规范(Good Manufacturing Practice,简称GMP)下进行产品生产
  • 素食者适用
  • 不含防腐剂
  • 不含人造色素
  • 不含麸质
  • 耐受性良好

Each Urox capsule contains


Lindera root



Supports healthy bladder tone and function


Crataeva nurvala bark



Supports bladder to fill up and empty properly





Works together with Crataeva to reduce urination frequency and urgency


1)   How important is bladder tone / how common is bladder weakness?

Just as the health and tone of other muscles and organs (for example, the heart) is important for health and vitality, so too is healthy bladder function. Adults may experience bladder weakness associated with childbirth and aging. Sometimes this can involve embarrassing bladder accidents, other times this can mean getting out of bed at night for the toilet, or feeling a sense of urgency regularly throughout the day.

In each case, the life of someone with these symptoms can seem to be ruled by their bladder and the availability of a toilet.

1)   膀胱肌肉张力有多重要/膀胱脆弱有多普遍?


2)   How common are bladder accidents and bladder urgency?

They may occur but unfortunately are not often discussed. Adults over the age of 40 may be affected by overactive bladder or recurrent symptoms of urgency and frequency. Urgency is the sense that one urgently needs to empty their bladder. This can be in the day or night.

2)   因膀胱脆弱而造成的事故和尿急是否常见?


3)   What is Urox?

Urox is a patented, propriety herbal formula that has been specifically developed for proper bladder tone and function of the bladder. It contains: Crateva, an Indian herb, Horsetail, a Western herb and Lindera, an Asian herb.

3)   Urox 是什么?

Urox 是一种拥有专利的药草配方,特意为了保健膀胱而研发的。它的成分包含沙梨木茎皮(一种印度药草),木贼属植物(一种西方药草)和乌药(一种亚洲药草)。

4)   How does Urox work?

Two clinical researches show that Urox reduces symptoms of overactive bladder (urgency, frequency, nocturia and incontinence). It works by improving the tone of the bladder wall and surrounding area. Studies have shown that the Crateva herb supports the bladder to efficiently fill and empty. The Horsetail and Crateva together help to maintain bladder tone to reduce urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence, nocturia and quality of life. Lindera also supports healthy bladder tone and function.

4)   Urox 如何运作?


5)   How long will it take before results are noticed?

Our research shows that significant results are experienced within 3 to 4 weeks of use. It is recommended to consume Urox for one month to see results.  Individual response may vary.

5)   使用多久会看见效果?


6)   Does the product need to be taken long term?

It is recommended to consume Urox for one month to see result. To maintain the results most people need to continue on a lower maintenance dose.

6)   需要长期服用吗?


7)   Will Urox be suitable for both men and women?

Yes, research has shown Urox improved bladder control in both men and women.

7)   Urox 对男女都适用吗?

是的,研究显示Urox 有助于促进男性或女性的膀胱健康。

8)   Will it interfere with any other medications or supplements people may be taking?

We do recommend you consult your health care professional for specific advice on combining medications.

8)   Urox 会对其他药物或补品造成干扰吗?



* Conducted in 150 subjects who received either 2 capsules of Urox or placebo for eight weeks.

* 由150个人参与;每人在临床实验期的8週里各服用2颗Urox或placebo.


* Ref: Schoendorfer et al., 2015.

* 参考: Schoendorfer et al., 2015。


Diagram 1

Figure 1. Reduction in daily urinary frequency with Urox




Diagram 2

Figure 2. Reduction in nocturia with Urox




Diagram 3

Figure 3. Reduction in daily urinary urgency with Urox


Diagram 4

Figure 4. Reduction in stress incontinence with Urox



Another clinical study was conducted in 2005. The product was named UroLogic during its early days. The key ingredients are crateva and horsetail. 


Mrs.Yip (Tampines)

I have been using Urox for more than 6 months and it has significantly reduced my frequency of visiting toilets. Today, I am no longer bothered by the bladder issue and happy to continue with Urox.

Customer who purchased from Qoo10 (Bt Panjang)

Highly recommend to ones who suffer uncontroll urination.  Best option for my father.  Improving his life quality.  Thank you Urox

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